Sales 2015- Dolls, Anime & More

Hi! I have a lot of new sales for the new year! I ship from USA and will ship internationally. Shipping is not included in the prices.

Paypal only.

I have positive feedback in my journal, and over 500 positive feedbacks on EBay, under chutney_fork.

Winx Harmonix Flora by Jakks. Never used just displayed. Perfect. $14.95

Catty Noir dress and boots. Fits mattel winx (doll not included). $7.98

Sailor moon chibis from Irwin. Moon and mask are keychains. $20 for the set

Bandai Asia Artemis chibi. $6

Nude schools out Clawdeen. Still has hair in original style, tight joints. $8

Webarella SDCC Exclusive doll mint in sealed box. With diary, power ghouls comic, & cardboard slipcase. $149

Retired she-ra funko pop. No longer being made. $45

Integrity Jem Danse doll outfit. Only 500 danse were made, and she immediately sold out. This outfit is super htf! $45

Rare Digimon figure set from 1997, released before the anime became popular. Bandai America. There is some damage to the box back and bottom. Still displays well from front. $25

Hinata Hyuga Swimsuit Figure From The Naruto Anime. Megahouse Premium Heroines, rare. $20

Pretty cure splash star doll set by bandai. 10" fully articulated. $85 OBO

Devil hunter Yoko complete series dubbed vhs. Great way to see a classic series for cheap. $8

Anastasia figure set by applause. MIB. Box has price tag remnants on cellophane, can be removed easily with goo gone. Rare. $25

Mattel winx tecna outfit and accessories. Fits MH tho boots are extremely tight/stick out. Small red spot on finger area. $8

Mattel winx Musa dress. Fits mh $6

Tenchi muyo chibi figure set $9

Nadesico Yurica vinyl model 7". Nib with voice actor CD. $14

Dragonball GT Gotenks figure by jakks. $12

Ninadolono Nina Dokuro Action Figure Blue Edition, By Nirasawa MIB. $12

Sakura wars Ri Kouran 11.5" doll $14


Hi all, here are some new sales I have for the new year. Help me pay my rent and get cool stuff too!!

Sailor Venus Excellent Model. In excellent (heh) condition. Perfect! She is huuuuge, 17". ESM figure shown for size comparison. Comes with wand. Please find her a good home for much less than I paid! $95

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Chiaki/Sinbad...the love interest! Bandai doll, rare! Very cute, NIP with accessories. $35

Sakura Wars Ri doll by Sega. 12" and very very cute. NIP! $27

Mistress 9 gashapon. Perfect, never even displayed. $15

Sentimental Graffiti figure from Tsukuda Hobby. High quality vinyl model, large 1/6 scale . $15

Yurica from Nadesico Real Model figure. Comes with collector's card & audio drama CD. $24

Tokyo Mew Mew toy. Appears to be a toy video camera. Has Ichigo on it. Very cute! Mew Mew stuff is htf. NIP $15

Ri from Sakura Wars LM figure from Sega. Battlesuit version. About 8" tall. NIP but box is messed up. Figure is mint. $12

W.I.T.C.H. figurine set from the Disney Store. Box has some wear, figures are mint. Casual clothes version, both versions are rare, but this one is harder to find. $20

Ghost in the Shell Hard Disk / Sea of Wires statue. By Kodansha/Alpha. About 13/14" tall, resin. Was on display for a short time, but is in perfect condition, no damage. Includes all of the extra wires to wrap her up in, and the box. $60 obo

Sailor Moon chibi keychains. MOC, though cards have some bending. $6 each.

Artemis & Luna $11

Artemis $6

Saint Tail Doll cards $2. Moon Heart Rod for 11" doll $5. Sailor Moon Boots- these are from the Italian 17" Queen Serenity (yes, the Serenity doll comes wearing SM boots. LOL). $4
Tonner suede-like boots. I believe these will fit most 16" dolls...great quality. $10
Tonner pointed feet $5

Baby Chibiusa & Hotaru gashapon. In original packaging, never opened. $10
Neptune hard resin-y figure $4

Darkstalkers / Vampire Savior Lilith as bunny gashapon $6

Sailor Moon R Pencil Board. New in package, with Toei sticker. $10

Here are 4 German fanbooks. The Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo are in very good condition. As seen in the second pic, the Uranus/Neptune and Pluto books appear to have some warping when viewed from the outside. However, the third pic shows that this doesn't really affect the inside of the books. All 4 for $15

Sailor Moon R cinemanga (the story is told in comic panels comprised of color stills from the anime). In Japanese. Excellent condition! Volumes 5 & 6. $7 each

Read or Die vinyl statue, 8". Perfect condition, amazing detail by Yamato. I have the box for this, and the box is in excellent condition. $10

Assorted manga graphic novels. Escaflowne, Tramps Like Us, Kodocha, Negima, Nadesico, Ayashi no Ceres, Lodoss, Brain Powered, Comic Party, Peach Girl, Ai Yori Aoshi, Rave Master. If you can't see the volume #'s in the picture, let me know. All are brand new, never read. $3 each, $2 for Rave Master, which has been read.

Glitter n Gold Jem. She's gorgeous-- no paint rubs, clean make up, *very* silky hair in original style, joints are good, earrings light up!! $15

Boxes...Ruri Hoshino Real Model Box, with collector card & CD $2 Rayearth Primera box...she's a rare doll, so here's your chance to mint her up $5

Sales! Anime, manga, toys, dolls, clothes & more!!

 Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus Excellent Model. 17" tall (huge!) and in beautiful condition. Comes with transformation wand. Very impressive in person! $100

Super Sailor Moon Doll from Bandai Japan. Very sparkly and cute! Outfit is complete. $55

Sailor Moon World 6" dolls by Bandai. Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Excellent, pristine condition, were ony on display for a short time. Includes stands. Pluto is sold. $15 each for Uranus & Neptune.

Jumbo Amada, great condition. Haruka/Michiru and Pluto. $5 each.

Sailor Moon R Pencil Board. New in package, with Toei sticker. $10

SMS notebook. All senshi on the front. Inside has writing paper, games, and monochromatic images of the senshi. $6

here's a large lot of random CCG cards. As you can see, there's a ton. $10

PGSM compact/binder. Opens with a little key, has a mirror and a couple of color cards inside. $3

Sailor Mercury UFO catcher plush, with tag. This is from SuperS, and features a prismatic heart, an a unique pose. $15

Bandai Japan Sailor Mercury doll, 11". I think she may be a beauty change, because of the felt bow on the fuku (?). The doll and outfit are in very good condition, but she has no boots. $10

Mercury & Venus silky plush. These are slightly larger than a traditional UFO catcher, and have the consistency of a Puffalump. New with tags. $10 each (Venus on hold)

Winking Venus UFO, new with tags. This is from the first UFO series. $7

Official Bandai Petit Soldiers figuure set. These are new in boxes. All 5 inners, and Chibimoon. $100 set.

Super Sailor Moon Petit figure. Very rare, NIB. She's so cute! $60

Outers plush keychains. Uranus has her tag. All are in excellent condition. $25 set

Here are 4 German fanbooks. The Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo are in very good condition. As seen in the second pic, the Uranus/Neptune and Pluto books appear to have some warping when viewed from the outside. However, the third pic shows that this doesn't really affect the inside of the books. All 4 for $15

Sailor Moon R cinemanga (the story is told in comic panels comprised of color stills from the anime). In Japanese. Excellent condition! Volumes 5 & 6. $7 each

Pachi Pachi/ Dressables. Original Japanese. $8 each.

Web of the Negaverse board game, from 1995. I believe this was only produced in Canada. The game has been used, but all pieces are intact. A really cute & unusual collectible! $12

Here is what can only be described as a "crapload" of prismatic stickers. Inners, outers, starlights are all represented. Sizes range from the typical trading card, to half a trading card, to 1/4 this size. I have yet to make an exact count, but this can be done. $35

Sheet of Stars rub on stickers, including the starlights. $2

So, it's hard to tell from the pic, but this is the Chibiusa and baby Hotaru gashapon set, brand new in sealed bag. $7

This is adorable. These are note papers, in the shape of chibiusa paperdolls. there's a whole set here, with multiples of chibiusa, two outfits, a purse and some basic SM stationary. $5

Sailor Moon earrings, NA from 1995. SOLD

The first pair are gold metal, with a laquered red finish. There is an image of Sailor Moon on each earring, and they are star shaped. Cute and brand new, still sealed! $6

Second, a sheet of Sailor Moon stick-on earrings, with lots of different character pics. $3

Sailor Moon novel #7. In ok condition. Not bad, but you can tell it's been read. $1

Other Series Stuff

Official Clow Book with Clow Cards. Excellent, shiny perfect condition! A rare and awesome collectible for Card Captor Sakura fans. $65 SOLD

Slayers Lina Inverse 10" figure/statue. Sega LM figure from 1996, features chibi Gourry. High quality, solid and heavy, perfect condition. Extremely rare. One of the few Lina figures ever produced! $70

Slayers Filia figure. From the same series as Lina. Very rare! Filia has a few scuffs on her dress. $35

CLAMP planner. About 6" tall. Features lots of art from various clamp series, a calendar, notepaper, stickers, and more. $10

This is a super rare set of Final Fantasy X-2 Play Arts 7-8" articulated figures. Yuna Rikku and Paine. NIB! $200 OBO

Sakura Wars sega LM Figure, 10", solid, and in perfect condition. The detail on these are amazing. Comes with a chibi robot. $10

Beautiful Cutie Honey Cy Girl. Super poseable doll with rooted hair and vinyl outfit. Sword and extra hands. Rare 1st edition, $70

Peorth & Hild Ah! My Goddess figures. These are the limited edition repaints. $30 for the set

Female Ranma & Kasumi trading figure. Very cute, $8

Weird Cardcaptor Sakura bracelet. This is lisenced, it was purchased at Blockbuster upon release of Cardcaptors in the US. 3D Sakura, Tomoyo & Kero and the wand thing. Elastic, so it will fit an adult wrist. $5

Gundam Wing MS War trading card game. Wing Gundam and OZ starter sets...lots of cards, and everything you need to play the game. $15 set

Trigun Meryl Strife Figure by Kaiyodo. This is a really cool, super poseable 6" figure. She comes on a big, highly detailed base of a gunned down shop. Lots of loose guns, file folders, cash register, suitcase and the little black neko are included too. really neat. $10

Armitage III Dual Matrix action doll by Toynami. Displated briefly, but in perfect condition with box and accessories. 10", super-poseable and wearing fabric clothing. $15

Armitage III Special Edition McFarlane figure. Special repaint released exclusively as a bonus with the Dual Matrix DVD. MIB $10

Battle of the Planets / Gatchaman figure of Princess / Jun. This was a special edition ToyFare exclusive released only at Tower stores, This is the only way to get Jun without her mask on. Also includes a mini figure of her bike. $10

Masamune Shirow Galhound PVC statue by Yamato. Perfect condition! $12

Galaxy Angel Milfeulle 10" figure. Adorable! Great detail, just like new. $10

Lady Moa from Sgt Frog. 5 1/2" figure. Crane prize. Minty condition. (she's holding a K-66 Keroro Platoon beach ball ^^) $10

Love Hina Kitsune figure, 6". Very poseable, great detain and likeness. Comes with chair and beer. $8

Large Rei & Asuka vinyl statues (1/6 scale). By Sega. The figures are pristine, very solid and high quality. Rei's stand has been glued where it meets the base. Beautiful! $25

Winter Rei, from Evangelion. by Sega.  Removeable scarf, 8" tall. Like new. I do have the box for this, but the box has wear. $10

Read or Die vinyl statue, 8". Perfect condition, amazing detail by Yamato. I have the box for this, and the box is in excellent condition.

Guilty Gear Millia Rage vinyl statue by Yamato. Perfect condition, unusual pose. I have the box for this, and the box is in good condition. $15

Utena metal pin. Sorry for the horrid pic. She's in perfect condition. $8

Misato plush keychain. She has her cross and wristwatch. From the first run of the series. $5

Paranoia Agent, complete series on 3 discs. Bilingual. $12

Trading figures- Greenpeace/ green fairy from Dominion Tank Police $4, Pretty Cure Figure $3, Gundam Seed chibi $3

Peach artbook by Miwa Ueda. Features many beautiful, full-color illustrations from Peach Girl and other works. Oversized American softcover edition by Tokyopop. The dust jacket has a few scuffs, but the inside is pristine, including several large, fold out images. $12

Rayearth UFO plushes. Umi Hikaru & Fuu are in training gear with weapons. Only Umi has a tag, but all are in really good condition. Emeraude has some yellowing on her left eye. Buy Umi, Hikaru & Fuu for $20, and add Emeraude for $2.

Tenchi UFO catcher plush. Ryoko & Washu. These are unusual! They both come with tags, but tags are not attached. Beautiful condition. $10 each.

Sorry for the craptacular photo. Final Fantasy Coca-Cola figures. Yuna $5 Lulu $7

Ojamajo Doremi figure set. 12 in total. Largest figure is about 3". Really cute, excellent condition. $15 set.

Evangelion Onsen Time figure set. These feature Rei, Asuka and Misato at a hot spring. Asuka is wearing a towel, Rei a yukata, and Misato is partially emersed in water, with Pen Pen at her feet. These are 6" and the detail is amazing. Long out of print. Brand new! $45 set

Bleach Rukia 6" figure by Toynami. No longer produced. Very detailed likeness! Includes everything pictured. Perfect condition. $8

Cutey Honey Kisaragi Honey 6" doll by Bandai. So cute! $12

Gundam Seed plush. New with tags. $5

Skuld UFO plush from the OAV. HTF. Very nicely made, lots of detailing. New with tag. $10

Last Exile plush set. New with tags, and excellent condition. $25 set

Bome magical girl figure. 11" tall, very nice. I'm pretty sure she was supposed to have wings behind each ear, but she doesn't. It's not noticeable though. $6

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex figure set- Motoko and Bateau. By Yamato, special 2-pack edition, very series accurate. Bateau is about 6" tall. Removeable guns. Figures did not come with stands. $8 set.

Fushigi Yugi Miaka plush. New with tags. $6

Large Trunks plush from Dragonball GT. About 12" tall, new with tags. $12

Final Fantasy 9 Vivi plush. From the original game release. Very rare! $25

Card Captor Sakura figure set. Cute 3" figures of Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero. With stands. $15

Azumanga Daioh Osaka (Ayumu) UFO catcher. new with tags. $10

Nadesico Yurica Plush UFO. Her left eye is a little faded, but she still has ger tag. $5

Trigun & Naruto keychains. $1 each.

Naraku & Kagome by Toynami. $5 each. Tuxedo Mask finger puppet $2. Neptune bobber $4

So...I can get a better pic if you need it lol. (I am still unsure how to turn the flas off of my new camera ^^;;) But this is a really nice 6" statue of Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist. The box has wear, but figure is perfect (never been opened). A really great likeness of Ed. $12

InuYasha Miroku plush, new with tags. Has a suction cup & cord for display. $10

Cardcaptor Sakura pocket manga #2 from Tokyopop/Chix Comix. Original English release. Never read. $5

Saint Tail pocket manga #6. Brand new. I'm pretty sure these are out of print. $8

Maxion & Legend of Lemnear, big honkin' graphic novels, the size of comic books. New. By CPM. $5 each

Assorted manga graphic novels. Escaflowne, Tramps Like Us, Kodocha, Negima, Nadesico, Ayashi no Ceres, Lodoss, Brain Powered, Comic Party, Peach Girl, Ai Yori Aoshi, Rave Master. If you can't see the volume #'s in the picture, let me know. All are brand new, never read. $3 each, $2 for Rave Master, which has been read.

Vampire Princess Miyu OVA DVD by Animeigo. I have both vol 1 and vol 2. These are in excellent, brand new condition. I opened the cellophane, but never actually used the dvds. I believe these are out of print. $10 each

Beautiful Evangelion Asuka Wedding statue. Vinyl and about 11" tall. Lovely pearlescent finish on the dress. $13

Evangelion Portraits Trading Figure- Misato. Bigger than a lot of trading figures, at about 5" tall. Amazing detail & likeness! $6

Rayearth OAV VHS, complete series 1-3. Dubbed. Excellent condition. $6 set.

Cowboy Bebop Best Sessions DVD Boxset. 2 discs of the director's favorite episodes, in a box and slipcase. Remastered picture & sound. Watched only once. Like new! $10

Maision Ikkoku original Japanese graphic novel #1. In Japanese. I also have #5. Perfect. $4

Naruto Matchbox cars boxset. Super cute package, and each diecast car features really detailed imagery of a different character (including Sakura...even though they never include the girls! :D) Mint mint. $10

Princess Ai Evening doll. 12", and very beautiful. MIB. This was a limited edition comic-con exclusive, with a special black and gold color scheme. $25

Love Hina Shinobu Ping Pong figure. Sega crane prize from Japan. Cute artwork on the box, and wonderful detailing! $10

Slayers Medievil Mayhem graphic novel by CPM. This was made in ye olde days, before all the graphic novels became pocket-sized, so it's big like a comic book. Brand new! $5

Big Tama plush from Fushigi Yuugi. New with tags, this adorable plush measures 13 1/2", not including the tail. $10

Manga. Lodoss, geobreeders, dark angel. Brand new. $3 each.

Kiddy Grade DVD set- full series on 8 discs. This is a really fun show, if you like sci-fi, or just cute girls :). These are brand new! $15 for the entire set.

Chinese New Year Barbie. So pretty! Retired. $30.

Zatch Bell 12" figure set. These are super high quality figures made by Mattell. They sure don't make these anymore! Box has some wear, but figgies are mint. $15

Other Cartoons and Stuff

Puffy AmiYumi Yumi doll. 11" tall. Very pretty, and the doll talks and sings when you touch her hand. Perfect condition. $12

Alice in Wonderland adult wallet. This is a large, sturdy wallet, featuring vibrant art of Alice (much richer looking in person). I used this for about a week before my bf unwittingly gave me a new one for my birthday. It's in excellent, like new condition. Zipper closure, internal change purse, ID slot, card holders. $7

Alice DVD. A peculiar, dark, live-action version of the story by claymation artist Jan Svankmajer. Rare DVD also includes an animated short. $20

Winx doll set. Perfec, displayed briefly by collecter, never played with. Flora, Stella & Bloom. Long out of production, and very hard to find now, especially in such good condition. $45 set

Here is something very unusual. This is a Winx Club collectible trading card game. It comes in a tin lunchbox. The box has a clasp, and features embossed images of the fairies on front, and flat pictures of the witches on back. Inside there are two stacks of cards, and prismatic cards featuring the winx girls. There are also playing pieces, dice, a spinner, instructions and a large playing mat. This is a really neat collectible- I haven't seen another one like it! $35

Kim Possible talking dolls. 6" dolls say a few phrases from the show. Excellent. $7 each

Kim Possible Mission to Dance doll. This was only available at Wal-Mart for a very short period before the show was cancelled. 11", perfect condition. $25

Kim Possible accessory set for the 11" dolls. This is her famous school outfit, backpack, grappling hook, and a mini viewmaster type thing. MIB. $6

Kim Possible Bean Possibles beanbag. New with tags. $5

Kim Possible twin sheet set. Very rare. Only sold briefly at Wal-Mart. Pink and purple camo pattern with pics of KP. Brand new. includes pillowcase. $50


Mulan & Shang dolls. From the original film release. 11" by Mattel. Both are in excellent condition with original hairstyles. Mulan is complete, Shang is complete, except for shoes. $25

Vintage Tinkerbell costume from Ben Cooper. Dress and Mask (kid sized, although the mask fits me fine). Box and costume are in pristine condition, particularly considering the age. $20

Disney W.I.T.C.H. dolls. From the book and cartoon series, these dolls are about 13"-14", and look very BIG in person. These were only available in Europe! Hay Lin is the trendy version. $30 each


Smaller W.I.T.C.H. dolls, about 8". European made. $15 each

Star Wars Polly Pocket sets. Leia & Queen/Padme Amidala. Lots of accessories and outfits. $20 each

17" Pocahontas doll. In very good condition, except tthat I can't seem to locate her necklace. Very big doll, though. $13

Bratz Jade doll (Step out?) excellent. $10


I am cleaning out my closet, and have a bunch of cute stuff that doesn't fit. A lot of it is brand new, never worn!

Good brands like Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal. Now's your chance to get new stuff at a discount!

 Here's a really cute top. It's stretchy, and has images of skulls, crowns and stars, as well as a printed tie. What's really adorable is that the sleeves are long, and feature holes for your thumbs! Size Medium. Brand new without tags. $8

Here's a top by Torrid. It is very stretchy and very fitted. Size medium. It features a patchwork cross, and fishnet on the shoulders. Never worn! $8

This is an adorable career dress from Charlotte Russe. It features a button-up top with ruffles, 3/4 sleeves, and a bubble hem skirt. Size small. This dress was purchased used. $10

Charlotte Russe denim skirt, size medium. New with tags. Adorable, and perfect for summer! $9

Charlotte Russe zip-up casual jacket. Short sleeved, with a zipper collar. Lightweight, and perfect for summer evenings! New with tags, size medium. $9

Adorable Wet Seal tank top. This is a longer style so it's possible that it could be worn as a dress. Knotted back, and a lace trim bottom. Size Medium. New with tags! $6

Pretty velour poncho from Fashion Bug. Really interesting pattern in pink and black.  Size M. $8

Beautiful chain link necklace from Charlotte Russe. Brand new! $6